July 28, 2011

Look Who's Finally Home!

I finally got my car back! I was so happy to return the rental car (I almost flung the keys across the counter so I could be rid of it) and get my darling car back :)

Hi there my pretty :)

No sticky out bit!

It's been exactly four weeks since my accident. Yes, FOUR weeks. Is it just me, or is four weeks an amazingly ridiculous amount of time to have my car fixed? Two of those weeks were waiting for the idiot who hit me to provide her insurance information to the police. Another two weeks to get my car fixed.

Initially, dealing with the Allstate people wasn't too difficult. They sent me off for an appraisal of the damage and I sent my car in to the workshop the same day. I was supposed to have my car ready by this past Tuesday... then Wednesday... and finally Thursday.

Why the delay? Oh because AllState decided to do a random inspection of my car's repair, which delayed everything by a couple of days. I had to have AllState extend my car rental, at which time the rep got shitty with me, and then later told me that any more delays and the rental would come out of my pocket. They're the ones who caused the delay in the first place!!! Plus when the workshop people wrote in their report that AllState themselves caused the delay, they said they wished he hadn't written that. Good grief.

I'm pretty damn sick of dealing with insurance people, and very thankful it's finally behind me. The workshop people were nothing but wonderful, and they returned my car all tidied up and cleaned :) I think I pet my steering wheel when I got in it hehehe!


pigbook1 said...

So glad you have it back. I do suggest you read a consumer advocacy blog see if you can get contacts a little higher up in the org and write a calm, but clear email describing their handling of the whole thing. I think companies should know that it's not ok for them to not do their job (or at least they should try not making te traumatic more dramatic than necessary.

Chateaudepaixinn said...

Hi Audrie, I was doing some blog hopping and saw a comment you left. Thought I would just say Hi!
Marty, tethered threads

Garry Brei said...

Those four weeks could be normal, if the workshop inspected the damage thoroughly and came up with the best fix, plus the queue. And they returned your car smooth as new, too. Now that everything is fixed and all the troubles are behind now, you're probably glad to have your car back!


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