July 27, 2011

Blackouts Are The Suck

Yesterday we had yet another blackout. You can't give a girl electricity and then rip it away from her without warning. I was in the middle of preparing dinner so that came to a screeching halt. I couldn't go for a run on my treadmill and I sure as hell couldn't kill time sewing on my machine. 

The cats really didn't care... they have food and water, what do they want with electricity. Traitors. If Mummy has to suffer, everyone should suffer right along with her. 

I tried entertaining myself with scribbling in my journal and figuring out some measurements for quilts I had planned. Turns out I'm not good at entertaining myself without electricity. I finally decided to pull out my hexies to work on them, and two seconds in, the hubs came home with turkey subs.

I proposed that after dinner we hop in the car and run some errands to kill time at the shops. The hubs nodded so furiously I thought his head would fall off. We popped home after a couple of hours only to find our house still drenched in darkness. (Insert sad face here). So we took a 45-minute drive around the neighbouring towns and returned finally returned home at 10pm. I think I squealed in joy :)

Five hours without electricity is just wrong. The second it started raining heavily I knew the power was going to go. That's how ridiculous the power lines are around here. I started filling jugs with water and the power went. I'm beyond relieved that I wasn't on the treadmill when it happened!!


Angela Nash said...

We were without power for only a little more than an hour a couple weeks ago and I thought I was going to go nuts! Super lucky that it is a rare thing for us.

CitricSugar said...

The treadmill when the power goes out is something that needs to be worked into a movie because the image it put in my head was hilarious!

You don't realize how addicted we are to electricity until it's totally gone. Then every idea you have for entertaining yourself requires power. No movies tonight? Fine, I can read. In the dark. Oops. Never mind.

Kathy MacKie said...

Good thing for Hubs for bringing home the bacon-oops, I meant turkey. I think the worst for me is when there is no water which does happen in our Condo when they have to do any plumbing in the building. Either way it sucks whether it is electricity or water.

Aurelia said...



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