September 3, 2013

Triangle Overload

The Triangle Queen strikes again! This time, I made four triangle quilts, two original flavour, and the other two were made with boy and girl colours respectively. It was quite a challenge figuring out colours, but I was asked by the good people from Little Peeps in Toronto if I'd do it. They'd ordered from me in the past, so I thought why the hell not! Who doesn't enjoy a bit of a challenge? :)

I pulled out my most boyish solids and kept auditioning them till I thought it looked pretty good. I kept some of the originals, and all of the neutrals for both quilts. I figured they'd be a good foundation to work up from. 

This is the boy one and I'm in love with it. It looks slightly strange to me still because I'm so used to seeing this quilt in the Tango Mango colours!

The girl one was slightly more difficult. I don't fancy anything too pastel and soft for babies, so I wanted to keep this one bright and saturated, yet girly. For some reason, Kona Pomegranate photographs super dark, especially when it's a grey day over here. (The bottom left corner of the last picture probably shows it in its actual colour the best.)

I'm quite pleased with them, and hopefully the owners of Little Peeps will like them too!


Beth said...

Home runs. Great colors.

Beth said...

Gorgeous! Please share the recipe of Kona colors you used! Beth C.

Amy's Crafty Shenanigans said...

Oh how I love your triangle quilts!! You have the best sense of colour and placement - yum!!!

beth said...

absolutely love them audrie!! what great colors!! do you use a template for cutting?

Anonymous said...

Great colors! The girl quilt really works. Rock solid design!


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