May 26, 2012

Pretty, Pretty Peonies

I'm so flipping excited that my beautiful peonies are blooming!!! Look how gorgeous! 

This year I'm extra excited for them to bloom because I stupidly forgot to check last year and completely missed it.

I put stakes in the ground because they're so heavy that they flop over. Well, the hubs stuck them in the ground because I'm little and weak. I put the twistie ties on though!

And of course I had to cut one of the beautiful blooms for my studio... Ahhh so lovely :)


CitricSugar said...


Carla said...

Mine are nearly open. They are out on the boulevard, behind a fence, where people walking the street can see them, and I can't. What's wrong with that picture!
Looking forward to your next project.

New Salem Homestead said...

Peonies are my favorite flower!Every year I anxiously anticipate their arrival and then squeal with delight at the site of the first open bloom!

barbecues said...

I love peonies, they're like the equally pretty but less spiky and dangerous version of a rose!


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