May 20, 2012

Life According To Instagram

This past weekend, the hubs and I were sick so we had no adventures. Actually the hubs fell sick just before I did, and decided that I was stealing his thunder by falling sick too. He's such a dork. 

I wish I'd been able to go to Spring Market in Kansas City but some friends and I had our own fun on Instagram. We started tagging our pictures with #notgoingtomarket and it was hilarious fun. We ended up with something like 304 pictures from various folks! 

My first entry to #notgoingtomarket... on the couch in my jammies, watching my weird cat look out the window. Which freaks me out because I always think there's something there.

Me and my silly face, because I'm obviously so thrilled to be home.

Started another little paper piecing project with Hello Luscious.

And me holding my tiny cat in my fingers. Because I'm funny and I know it.

Made myself lots of iced coffee because the weather turned icky.

Received my cute button sewing box from See Jane Work!

I still laugh at the sign at the jewellery store in the plaza I work in...

On the sofa with Isobel, being stalked by Matilda.

A salad platter at our favourite deli... chicken, potato and egg salads, served with bagel chips. My sister Averil LOVES the stuff and I like ordering it because it reminds me of her :) Also because it tastes really yummy. But mostly the sister thing.

Made some Mexican lasagna for dinner and it's SO good.

Salmon was on sale last week so salmon patties for dinner!

I ran errands during the week and treated myself to some Pinkberry because it was sooooo humid. And because I'm greedy.

And as always, kitties!!! That last picture... They'd been fighting seconds before it was taken. Then they just kind of lay down and gazed into each others' eyes. Freaking weird cats.


CitricSugar said...

The ol' pinching the cat between the fingers shot! Gets me laughing every time... lol.

A friend's mum had a pet peeve about people having things come out of the top of their heads in photos (like trees or lampposts) so her three children started taking photos like that on purpose.

Threads by Terry said...

I love your blog it always makes me smile......

Averil said...

I love that salad trio so hard, I almost licked the screen when I scrolled to it... *le sigh*


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