April 11, 2012


- This + this = Awesomepants? (Don't get too excited... I can't do much of anything quite yet, just typing out loud...)

- I told the hubs he looked like Forrest Gump and he wasn't thrilled. I didn't mean it as a bad thing! He essentially looked like a clean-cut, younger Tom Hanks, no?

- We had a new tap / faucet installed. It's giant and I now have to wear a raincoat when I do the dishes. On the upside, crap goes flying off the plates at warp speed.

- I got stung by a bloody yellow jacket yesterday. I was kneeling on the floor, trimming a quilt, and then there was this searing pain in my knee. It swelled considerably for what felt like forever, even after I slapped on a paste of baking soda and water. It still hurts every now and again, but the swelling's pretty much gone. And yes, I killed the living shit out of that stupid yellow jacket. Rest in pieces, you idiot.

You can see the picture of my knee here. I didn't want to scare everyone lol

- The hubs has started wearing Breathe Right strips. And not just at bedtime, either. I have come to the conclusion (it took about 2 seconds to formulate) that they are not sexy. Not even a little.


Kara said...

Saw your knee on IG- poor thing! :( And... the Breathe Right Strips made me laugh out loud. Again, another "poor thing" for you. ;)

CitricSugar said...

Sorry about your knee, hon. That has to suck. And here I thought the indoors was supposed to protect one from things like that. Drat. Going to have to start watching the tub for sharks again...

Sorry also about the Breathe Right strips. Pretty easy to tell that they were invented by a dude.

Also, no word of a joke, the autocorrect on my computer changed my first catpcha word to "kneepad".

Lynda said...

That is possibly the worst reaction to a yellow jacket sting I have ever seen!

Wanted to also say that I am enjoying your blog. So much more interesting than most of the other quilting blogs I have found!

Thank you for the inspiration,

Melissa Blake said...

Forrest Gump is one of my favorite movies!! Tom Hanks was amazing in it!! :)

Merran said...

Have fun with the Sarah Fielke quilt, I made one for xmas, it comes together really quickly. Popped by my LQS yesterday and there she was- weird seeing someone from blog land in real life.

Hopefully the yellow jacket didn't ruin your leg modelling career!

Carla said...

You are hilarious! Have a great day........and I look forward to seeing the quilt that caused all the pain : )


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