April 9, 2012


How was everyone's Easter / Passover? 

We went over to the in-law's for dinner... well when I say dinner I really mean we ate at 3pm so I don't know what you call that. Lunner? Dunch? Weird? I'll never get used to that. Never.

I made Irish soda bread because that's what my MIL asked for. It's got a cross on it... does that count for Easter? Hehe :)

I also made a strawberry trifle as requested. I love to make this. It's simple, it's delicious, and strawberries make me think of my Mum. (I had to cut the sugar on the recipe because it's unbearably sweet otherwise. It could just be me but I figured I'd warn you.)

And I got to try out my new mixer paddle with the scraper and I LOVE IT! It mixes so beautifully! No lumps, very little scraping down on the sides to do... definitely recommend it. (And no, KitchenAid is not paying me to say this! They could if they wanted to... Ahem.)

After dinner we went into the neighbour's yard to visit their alpacas. So. Flippin. Cute. And with the neckerchiefs? Gahhhh cuteness overload!!! It is just me or do alpacas look a little awkward? Their heads don't seem to match their bodies, and their tails look like they have a giant guinea pig stuck to their bums. LOVE!

That white one was front and centre the entire time, and they just follow you around wherever you walk. My MIL was all "Touch them! They're so soft!" and I kept shaking my head. I was the same way as a kid at a petting zoo... always refused to touch animals or ride the ponies. I'm happy to stand back and admire from afar :)

AND LOOK AT THIS LITTLE ONE! I mean, seriously?!?!?! So cute!

But then one of them started pooping and peeing with its bum facing us so we took it as a sign to go. Very talented to do both at once though. Bravo.

The back of my in-law's property. There's a tyre swing on the tree that appeared out of nowhere. W-E-I-R-D.

My in-law's cat Lillie snoozing away :)

And the bestest thing that happened all weekend? The sight of the hubs with the vacuum. PORN FOR WOMEN. Yes? He's all, "I can't believe you're taking a picture of this!" and I'm all, "Uhh it might never happen again so you bet your ass I'm taking a picture". One day, if we have kids, I can show them this picture and tell them the tale of their father and the day he vacuumed.

(He's vacuumed before. I just like to give him shit about it because he so rarely does it hehe)


Aunt Marti said...

Oh ha ha Audrie -- my boys used to show alpacas in 4-H and we hauled the alpacas around in the back of my Buick Rendevous. Until one of them peed and pooped IN MY CAR! Good thing I'm a farmer's daughter, I wasn't too upset, just hosed it out!

Kim said...

Gosh, it's like seeing a rare snow leopard in the wild. A man in a Tide T-shirt vacuuming...you're so darn lucky :) Thanks for the laugh this morning!

RWL said...

omg i want an alpaca!!! looks like a nice weekend.

new note: i've started a new blog (besides my crafty one), focusing on style with my sister. thought you might be interested! http://sisterswithasideofstyle.wordpress.com

mascanlon said...

Yep, that's a picture worth having, someday a teen boy will be complaining and you'll whip out the evidence!

Donna said...

I assume from his t-shirt that your hubs does laundry, too. Wow! I'd say he's a keeper. Happy spring (cleaning)!

One Shabby Chick said...

ha ha ha - I love reading your posts...they are hilarious! I have to make that trifle - it looks so good! And those alpacas are cute!

Salsy said...

Hi Audrie..just found your lovely blog. I am number 444! I think that 4 is my numerology number...so all is well. AHH yes, a man who vacuums.....

Had a Happy Easter too.
I look forward to checking in again. I seem to be leaning toward modern quilting.

Unknown said...

Hehehe, i loved seeing these pics on IG. And yes, husband hovering is woman porn!

Those alpacas are frigging adorable. I want one. Or all of them. That would be fine.

Kara said...

Saw the "porn for women" shot on Instagram and laughed out loud! I feel the same way every time I see my partner clean... it's a beautiful thing. ;)


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