November 21, 2011


My love affair with Instagram continues :)

(Seriously, if you're not on there, you really should join... It's so much fun!)


Clockwise: Salmon and corn; escargot (because we were feeling fancy); homemade chicken nuggets and mashed sweet potatoes; and duck noodle soup at our favourite Vietnamese restaurant.

Things that make me go heehee...

Clockwise: Half the lint from drying the Strings Attached quilt... HALF; looking at my coffee flask, water bottle and make-up case, I had the realisation that I really like red; my sneakers in card form!; and  a knight in shining armour checking out a fur coat!

Quilty business :)

Clockwise: Giving the rotary cutter a workout with trimming blocks; more cutting... blech; my co-worker gave me two gorgeous Kaffe Fassett fabrics in thanks for taking her shift at short notice; and quilt designing is messy business!!!

Kitties!!!! 'Nuff said :)

The piece de resistance... This made me laugh out loud in the shop and scare everyone within a 50 ft radius of me.


Sandra said...

Things that make me go the fact that I wondered why you would pile mashed potatoes up on your cutting board (that's why you should always read the text and learn that it was lint, not yummy potatoes)! Hee Hee.


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