November 22, 2011

Dotty Oven Mitts & Potholders

My sister's friend asked if I'd make her friend some black and white oven mitts and potholders for a Christmas gift. And after a lot of ripping of stitches and swearing (sorry, Mum) they're done! I'm not fond of working with Insul-Bright because it's just so crunchy, but it works so well that it's sort of worth the tediousness.

  The oven mitts have the large dot and striped cuffs, and a sort of retro print for the lining.

(Uhh please ignore all the cat hair... I've since taken a lint roller to them hehe)

I only used the large dot for the potholders because I couldn't figure how to incorporate the stripes in there without them looking hideous. I did use the lining again though.

They'll be off to Singapore soon, and then to London where they'll live :)


mascanlon said...

Oh so cute! Wish they were coming to live in CA!

Karen H said...

Very cute! Did you have a pattern, or did you just make them up?

Cindy said...

These are adorable!! So modern and hip!! You did a great job!!:)

CitricSugar said...

These turned out great!! They have a perfectness to them that would make me hesitate to use them, lest they be marred by wayward banana bread batter or tomato sauce... :-)


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