November 10, 2011

Brooklyn, Part Three

Hi! Good morning. Found a wonderful independent bookstore called Book Court. I. Wanted. Everything.

Record store + coffeeshop + antique shop = all kinds of awesome.

I told the owner she had the best smelling record store ever.

Nom nom nom :)

Lunch was at a Canadian Jewish deli called Mile End. The hubs got the smoked meat sandwich and I had the beef on weck.

I can't even begin to explain to you how delicious this was. I have to stop looking at it before I start licking the screen.

We headed to Four & Twenty Blackbirds for pie.

Black bottom oatmeal pie. Possibly the best pie I've ever eaten. The oatmeal was already delicious, but that layer of chocolate ganache just makes it sing.

We had to go check out the Brooklyn Superhero Supply store because how could you not???

They sell seemingly silly things like 'stun guns' and gallon cans of gravity etc, but all proceeds to go fun 826NYC which is a non-profit that teaches kids creative writing skills and teachers to inspire their students. As someone who loved to write as a kid (and still do), I think it's a marvellous idea.

Please note that the hubs is holding a can of 'Intelligence'. I'd rather he get a can of 'Listening When the Wife Speaks'. Just sayin' :)

And since we were in Park Slope, we found ourselves at Bark Hot Dogs again.

And if you've had their hot dogs, you really can't blame us :)


Angela Nash said...

The menu from that deli looks amazing! I just ate but my tummy is grumbling :)

Linda said...

Your Brooklyn posts seriously make me want to go visit! It has been years since I've been there! I lived there for a few years as a kid :) I was poor back then so I didn't go to anywhere but I do remember the Lowes Theater on Bay 19th street though. haha

Shannon said...

BaaaaHahahaha! I can't stop laughing about "I'd rather he get a can of 'Listening When the Wife Speaks'."

Aurelia said...

More pics pls!!!

Also, I wanna eat all that food and go to that cool music shop!

Pls move to Brooklyn. I'd be over A LOT more : )

CitricSugar said...

You always find the coolest places and never neglect to fill us in on the truly important things, like the food.

I enjoy the travelogue parts of this blog.... I so need to go to the superhero supply store. I have no idea what they sell but I really need to go.


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