November 11, 2011

Brooklyn, Part Four aka The End

We spent our last day in the city in Manhattan. It was strange to be in the craze after being in a less hectic Brooklyn for a few days. I like to think of Manhattan as Brooklyn's older sister. On crack.

The Union Square Greenmarket was going on, and there was just so much to see. Pity we still had lots of walking around to do, so we didn't buy anything.

Lunch was sandwiches at Num Pang. I still have dreams about these sandwiches. The hubs had the skirt steak and I had the pulled pork. They were messy and you look like an utter slob when you eat these, but there's you can't really care because THEYARESOGOOD. Best sandwiches EVER.

Shakespeare & Co. Booksellers.

Other Music.

We popped in to The Bean for a coffee and to rest our feet, and the owner decided to present us with a free chocolate treat. It was a chocolate explosion and utterly yummy.

I wonder if it's because he saw my giant camera and thought perhaps I was a blogger. If so, then I have fallen into his dastardly trap. Drats.

The Strand! Our mecca! The poor hubs had a list of five books and struck out with each one. The upside? He didn't have to carry the books all over Manhattan and back to Brooklyn. See... silver lining :)

Denyse invited me to the opening of her latest exhibition and since I was going to be in the city, of course I accepted.

Her quilts were utterly beautiful, as always. We chatted with her for a tiny while but had to leave to make our way back home.

We went back to collect our suitcases from the hotel but stopped off at little diner across the street from the hotel that we'd passed a million times but never ate at. I had a burger, the hubs had an omelette... members of the Clean Plate Club.

So I've had my city fix for a few good months, I think :) I'm in love with Brooklyn... the people are lovely and super friendly, and it's not as hectic as Manhattan, that's for certain. The next time my sisters visit, a stay in Brooklyn is definitely in order. Especially since every time I watch Unique Eats, I add another NYC joint to the ever-growing list of places to eat!


Cindy said...

Loved all the pictures!!:) Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend!!


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