June 1, 2011

Back On Track

Ever since the beginning of the year, I've been unable to get back into the rhythm with my sewing / quilting.

Maybe it was my two-week trip to Singapore, because anytime there's a break in my routine, everything goes out the window.

More likely than not, it was my grandma's passing. Unsurprisingly, it's affected me tremendously. I think more than even I thought it would. I don't say much about it because what can I say? That I miss her? That I wish I could've said goodbye? That I wish I could've told her one more time just how loved she was? She knows all this. I talk to her every day. She knows.

So my boss (me) finally cracked the whip and told me to shape up or ship out. She's such a slave driver :) I like it when I'm productive and have something to show for my day. Enough moping around. My grandma wouldn't want that.

I finished the Max & Whiskers quilt top yesterday but I need to get an appropriate backing before I can quilt it. I think it's super cute... what say you?

And I'm making progress with my Hope Valley quilt top... hopefully it'll be finished sometime tomorrow. Love :)

P/S: I bought more pins so my pincushion looks ridiculous. I go to grab one, and I get a fistful. Sometimes I'm too clever.


Manda said...

I can appreciate how crap it is with your grandmas passing. I lost my nan 3 years ago and my grandad in December and I was very close to both of them.
The Max and Whiskers is very cute though! And I look forward to seeing more of your hope valley quilt. I am still stashing my hope valley fabric :)

Aurelia said...

Damn you Che. You made me cry.
I feel a little lost without her too.
I always looked forward to lunches with her when I flew back to Singapore for holidays and I miss every little thing about her.
I was so motivated at work but even since I flew back to Perth I lost my drive.
I think I need to get myself out of my emo box and just get over it too. Sighhh....

Pepe said...

Of course, it's super cute! Heart that choise of fabrics...
Have a nice day, Audry! :)

Lily said...

Love your M&W quilt top. I backed my M&W quilt with white but i know yours will be much more creative!

Averil said...

i think about her all the damn time... cry 80% of the time when i do too <=(

your quilts have always continued being awesome though <=)

CitricSugar said...

Everyone's allowed time to get their sand back together when someone they love moves on. Because you are so awesome, you get extra.

I love what you did with Max and Whiskers. That fabric is so much fun.


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