February 27, 2011

The Weekend In Pictures

The weekend started off with a couple of these. When we have good ideas, they're truly great.

Some of our records on the wall... makes it a little hard to listen to.

The hubs, trying to ignore me so he can read.

Isobel giving me Blue Steel.

Matilda, pretending to be a sack of flour.

I caught up with quilting bees... it's embarrassing how long it's taken me to get back to them.

Went to Joann's to buy some storage bins for my WIPs and little loose notions because whenever I leave them on my sewing table, the cats treat it as an invite to roll around on them and piss me off. The tag read they were on clearance for $5.97. They rang up as $2.97. Not. Complaining.


Averil said...

oh how i looooooooove unexpected further reductions!! and i so approve of your decision to keep your sewing room neat, looks like a total warzone at the moment!!!

RWL said...

i am so not a cat person but your little girls make the funniest faces! heehee

mascanlon said...

My sewing room is a big old mess at the moment, not because of projects but because of stacks of fabric that have no where to live behind closed doors...sigh....


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