February 24, 2011

Everyone, Meet Dylan

Dylan, meet everyone.

This is my cousin's new baby boy, Dylan Jacob. Isn't he beautiful? :)

He arrived a short time after my grandma left us. She'd been praying and hoping and wishing for a great-grandson, so we were all a little sad she never got to meet Dylan. But I'm sure she's smiling down on him, now that he's here.

Here he is with his grandma (my Mum's sister).

Proud parents :) My cousin Cheryl and her husband Vinh.

He's such a little cutie puff, I want to bite him. I really shouldn't be allowed near children.


Angela Nash said...

It's like when Becket was born just three hours after Mark's mom died. The delivery nurse said - she knew she wasn't going to be able to be with him here, so she went to heaven to hold him before he arrived.

He's adorable.

Regina said...

Oh he's just gorgeous!

Carolyn said...

He is adorrrrable!


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