December 8, 2010

New Camera And New Work

My camera arrived yesterday! I wasn't expecting it till much later this week, so I'm just thrilled I get to play with it before all the Christmas parties begin :)

Matilda had to come investigate and get her picture taken.

Isobel wonders why Momma is squealing...

Indoor pictures in the daytime are pretty nice. I still have to play around with the camera and actually learn to use it properly but so far, so good.

In low light last night. Coffee cup (you can see the handle on far left), Coke plus can, water... we obviously feel very strongly about hydration.

Night time couch photography. In low light again.

And there've been quilty things happening of course. I still have to take a picture of my husband's pressie. I tried keeping it secret but since my sewing room is an open space, secrecy went out the window almost immediately. Pffft.

Anyway, the above are two cut outs of ravens that I'm going to applique (wish me luck!) on a custom quilt. I couldn't find pictures large enough so I had to draw them. I can't draw. This is evident. I can't tell you how bloody long these two damn ravens took me to scribble out. But hey, as long as others can tell they're ravens, it's worth the while. Sort of.

My MIL asked for potholders for Christmas since hers are close to disintegrating. Her kitchen is blue and she is the high priestess of beige and brown, so I used a colour in between the two. Ecru? I dunno. It was in my stash and I didn't label the colour.

I made two with the blue star points, and two with the ecru star points. Now I have to figure out how to quilt it. I hate working with Insul-Bright, but it's what works best for potholders. The crinkly sound makes me want to barf, and my sewing machine hates it.

Off to do chores and stop playing with my camera :)


MWalker said...

Excellent ravens. I knew what they were right off. :)

AllieKatMom said...

Nice, what camera did you get?

Mary said...

If you can stipple insulbright, it's news to me. I think you can only straight line quilt it. I hate that junk. It ruined my good brand new shears. I just use 3 layers of the regular batting now and I don't care if it doesn't work as well...I hate insulbrite!
(/bitter rant)
Nice work on the ravens!

Abbybeth said...

congrats on the new camera and your kitties are gorgeous!

by Daisy said...

love the top models in the first pictures :) and you can definetely tell those are ravens. good job!

Mystica said...

Enjoy the new toy!!!

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Katie said...

Your kitties are beautiful!


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