June 11, 2010

I Got Answers

In answer to your questions...

Q: What's the one thing the Hubs does that drives you crazy to the point you'd like to remove his eyeballs with his seam ripper, but if he were no longer in your life, would miss more than anything? -- Greg
A: I'm nocturnal. The hubs is not. I don't sleep till the wee hours and instead of going upstairs to sleep, he falls asleep EVERY SINGLE NIGHT on the couch while I continue working or watching TV. It makes me super grr because 1. I have to wake him up and make him go upstairs, 2. If he gets sleepy during the day, it's my fault, 3. I can't have the TV above a whisper lest His Majesty wake up.
But I'd miss it dearly if he didn't because I know he does it to be close to me :)
Q: You've stated you're short. Just exactly how tall are you? -- Greg
A: I'm 5ft on a good day.
Q: Where is CT, exactly? -- Mama Mogantosh
Picture courtesy of Map of USA
A: Connecticut is northeast of the United States... I circled it in red on a map because a visual aid is always best.
Q: What did you do before you moved here? -- Karen H
A: I was a public relations executive for a time, and just before moving to CT I was working at a doctor's surgery.
Q: And how did you meet the hubs?? -- Karen H
A: It still baffles me, actually. I'd moved back to Australia from Singapore, and before settling down to look for a new job, I thought I'd go travel. Why I picked CT to visit, is honestly beyond me. I had a friend here but that was the extent of the thought process. Things happen for a reason, so I'm glad I had the inclination to come here.
The day after I arrived we were invited to a post-Halloween party (everyone had been too busy to get together on Halloween so it was postponed two weeks). I wasn't going to go because I was jet-lagged. The hubs was with his ex-gf at the time and they'd had a fight and he almost didn't go either.
We started talking about books, my Bunnysutra Swatch watch but his ex-gf quickly dragged him away. They split up months after, he emailed me and we got to chatting. He asked if it'd be okay if he came to visit me in Australia. Six months later I visited him here, and he proposed atop the Empire State Building :)
Q: What planet do you come from? What are your intentions for our species? Do you come in peace? -- Aurelia, my sister
A: You be quiet. I'm still plotting your demise after you called me 'grandma' the other day. But the answer to your first question is Uranus. Oh I kill me...
Q: What is one of your favourite quirks about Americans? -- Chelsea
A: I think it's pretty funny how Americans love their decorations soooo much. Especially at Christmas. You can never tell one season / holiday from the next in our house because I don't bother with that stuff. And I really had a good laugh one year when I walked into Michaels the day after Christmas and there was Valentine's decor splattered everywhere.
Q: What is your favourite colour? -- Mandy
A: Red. I have many colours I love, but I love red the bestest. I have many, many red shoes to prove this.
Q: If you could be an animal, what animal would you be. And of course, why? -- the hubs
A: Either of our cats. Because they're loved and spoiled beyond comprehension :)
If anyone has any more questions, or questions about my answers, please go ahead and ask! This was fun :)


Amber H. said...

I thought I'd let you know, that I've got you beat by ONE INCH! That is to say, I'm one inch shorter than you are. *sigh*

I bet you have the same difficulty that I do when it comes to buying and making clothes, though! When I try making tops or anything that requires to sit on my shoulders the armholes are too big and go too low.

And when I went shopping for clothes -this was before I had kids, mind you- I was in the Gap, and I was trying on 00 sized shorts, and they were too big. I was told to go to Kid's Gap instead. When I got across the hall, the employees laughed at me. Sad days.

Rebekah said...

I missed yesterday's post...but, what is your favorite book or type of book?

Did you have any hobbies that you were as crazy about as sewing before you started quilting?

Diane said...

Is your Janome Horizon everything you hoped it would be? Would you recommend it highly?

joe tulips said...

I thought I left a question, maybe it didn't stick. I will try again.
What is blue is bleu? Where did the name come from?

CaryManda said...

Oh audddiee how i miss thee.

Unknown said...

You are pretty freaking hilarious- lovin’ the sarcasm hardcore!!

*we Americans LOVE thy decor :o)
*loved the Conneticut visual
*and your sister’s questions rocked


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