December 14, 2009

We Heart Northampton

We took a little drive to Northampton on Sunday morning because we both just really needed a break. I know it seems like we go there a lot, but that's only because we really do. Hee!

Look at him modelling my knits. Dude likes cables.

It started to snow after lunch. It was fine until the snow turned into freezing rain and started pinging in my eye. And made my hair look like a wet dog. Pretty.

I asked him to put this on. He obliged. I love him for that. Dork.

I may have knocked on the sunroof... and when my husband humoured me with a "Who's there?"... I may have said "Snow idea!"

I know, I know.

Look at that grossness. I left Australia. For this. My mum must've dropped me as a child.

(I'm just kidding honey!)

(Sort of.)


Greg said...

Road trip!! You two kids are just awesome! 'Snow idea'-- Funny very funny.

Aurelia said...

hehehe, the sunnies made Steve look a little Bruno-ish

Angela Nash said...

But how else would you happily mock and enjoy knit cables?!

Rebekah said...

"Who's there?"... I may have said "Snow idea!"
--too funny!


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