December 15, 2009

Dear Santa

I'm kidnapping your reindeer unless you bring me goodies from The Fat Quarter Shop. I'll be nice and even give you choices.

2. Ginger Blossom Fat Quarter Bundle by Sandi Henderson

So you just bring me any of these bundles and no reindeer have to get hurt*. Capice? I just vacuumed and reindeer blood's a bitch to get out. Plus I bet you can't get too far without Rudolph's shiny nose, huh?

Hey, you kissed my mum under the damn mistletoe. I think you're getting off pretty lightly here, bud.

Yours sincerely,

*No reindeer were hurt in the making of this blog post.


Unknown said...

Nice choices, I hope your wishes come true!

Chelsea said...

You are too funny! Tell Santa his elves better watch their backs unless he brings a set of each of those for me too!!

Angela Nash said...

I'm coming to swipe any of those that get sent to you ;)

Pretty Zesty said...

These are very pretty!

Rebekah said...

fun stuff...I have to stay away from FQS because it's always so tempting!


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