November 24, 2009

In The Works

It feels good to have WIPs again. I'm working on two things in tandem just because I need to play catch-up big time.

This one's obviously Christmassy... I love those little trees.

This one's for a commissioned quilt that'll be a queen-sized quilt. One of three. Wish me luck.

And who's excited about all the baking that'll go on tomorrow?! Thanksgiving is a new concept to me (I think it'll be my third this Thursday) but anytime I get to bake, I'm a happy, happy girl. I think I'll be making one of these, and one of these.

The latter is for my FIL who... doesn't... like... pecan pie. I don't understand how anyone could not like pecan pie. My brain hurts thinking about it. The only time I've not liked pecan pie was when the cafe I used to hang out at changed their recipe and added dates. DATES. Who does that?! Ridiculous. Dates.


Angela Nash said...

Queen?! I get nervous any time my quilts get near 75" - I can't imagine a queen. Let alone three! Well, that pie will provide good energy while you work :)

Thanksgiving is my favorite! No gifts to worry about, football and parades to watch, and LOTS of yummy food to eat. Love it!

CaryManda said...

Dates? Seriously?
That's OZ for you!

my mum-in-law just got back from the Gold Coast. Ahhhh may i go plz
i loved the red with flowers. I need a quilt for my king. cough cough choke choke
is the christmas going to be a table runner?
i likey.


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