September 5, 2009

The Husband Has His Quilt... Almost

My darling husband's wait for his lap quilt (albeit short) has come to an end! I finished the binding this afternoon, threw it in the wash, and it's now in the dryer. Thankfully tonight's not too chilly, or he'd have been asking for it every five seconds.

Let me remind you that this is meant to be a VERY simple quilt, much like mine. It's basically two fabrics slapped together in a 72" by 66" size and tada, cosy-comfy-couchness.

Here my husband is going "Can I stop smiling now?"... Asshat.

On mine, I did all circles, but on this quilt I decided to do some squares on the dotty fabric. Granted, they look like I was drunk when I quilted them, but I'm going to call them quirky instead.

Now that it's done, it kind of reminds me of jaffa cakes (Rita at Red Pepper Quilts was talking about the other day).


Steven B said...

I love my new quilt, baby! Thank you :)

-Your Husband

Amanda Jean said...

it looks great! that quilting is fun!

CaryManda said...

so at first i thought, OH MY! It's tye dye!

it looks very nice though auddie!
I like the fall colours!
Yours is still my fave though :)

Julie @ Jaybird Quilts said...

yes a simple quilt.. but still that was sooo fast!

Rebekah said...

Love the quilting on this! I think I'll try out circles and squares like this on my next quilt.


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