September 5, 2009

How's Everyone's Long Weekend So Far?

Hope everyone's having a nice long weekend thus far... my husband's tickled pink that he doesn't have work on Monday.

We haven't been up to a whole lot -- he's catching up on DVDs, and I've been quilting and pottering around the house. I'd been sick the last few days and I'm happy to say I'm finally feeling a lot better. Hopefully within the next few days I'll be back to my old self :)

Can somebody tell me what these plants are? I have a few in the garden and everytime I try to describe them to someone, their eyes glaze over and I want to scream. Bees seem to like them... if that helps.

Been picking about that many cherry tomatoes daily still. I eat them almost immediately, and today I was a nice girl and shared them with the hubs.

And we found another nest on the back porch. Last year we found one, and I reckon it belongs to a robin because last year I found a blue egg amongst the grass below the nest. I didn't dare peek inside because I have an irrational fear of birds and didn't fancy an angry mummy bird stabbing my face with her beak.

Then we did the groceries and got some ice-cream. Well, hard frozen yogurt. Good grief I love the stuff. Chocolate with whole almonds in a waffle cone, yes please.


Anonymous said...

OoO!! Those flowers are so pretty. I wish I were more plant inclined....but I really hate soil. So dirty! --Aure

Britta said...

Your plants in the first picture are sedum. There are many varieties of this perennial. I can't be sure from the picture, but these are probably "Autumn Joy". Do they turn a lovely rich maroon in the fall?

Lisette M said...

I agree with Britta about the plants. I left a comment before that apparently didn't post.

Red Pepper Quilts - Rita Hodge said...

Oooh enjoy your long weekend. No such luck here. Back to Mondayitis!


Anonymous said...

That is a much more welcome nest to see than the ones made by the yellow jackets!!!



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