May 29, 2009

15 Minutes To Kill Gets You This

Yesterday I was headed out to run some errands and the hubs said to wait 15 minutes and he'd be able to join me. Instead of returning to working on the quilt commissioned by my mum, I made this.

See, my tissue packets have been running wild in my bag, and after a certain point, the sticky thing on the tab just isn't sticky anymore. So instead of pulling out grubby, smushed pieces of tissue, I thought this was a better solution.

In school in Singapore, the first thing they teach you in Home Economics is how to sew a tissue packet holder. The packets are very different from what you'd find in Singapore (it's way flatter and wider) so I sewed up the edges to allow for the rectangular packet to sit comfortably instead of pull at the sides and make it look distorted. I threw in the lace just for ha-has.

By the way, I detested my Home Economics teacher. It's funny that I love sewing and baking / cooking, but it's not because of her that I love them. It's in spite of her. She was the most foul woman to ever teach me, playing favourites and just plain vindictive. I didn't kiss her ass, so she was constantly trying to get me in trouble with my mother. My mum actually told her to stop calling and wasting her time with all the nonsense she deemed bad enough to call her up for. Hah! I really hope she didn't teach for much longer because she really gave teachers a bad name. I believe some people just aren't meant to teach.


Steven B said...

You're very, very creative, Darling :)

Anonymous said...

whaaaat??? that annoying teacher was a home ec teacher?

wtf that's not even a proper subject anymore. anyone with plenty of delivery menus, a can opener and a seamstress can get by without taking that damn class... waste of time!

wish mum had elbowed her in the face too >=)



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