May 30, 2009

Be Vewwy Vewwy Quiet

You ever notice how when you're meant to be quiet that you're the absolute loudest you could possibly be? Yep, that's me. Always.

The hubs is currently in the midst of a 3-hour practice exam, so when I got home from doing the groceries, I was banging around getting the bags in, slamming the door, kicking my boots off. And of course sighing very audibly that I was doing it all alone. I'm a treat.

Then after that I decided it was the perfect time to install the even-feed foot on my sewing machine, which requires dismantling and a screwdriver... and a lot of swearing from me. (My study / studio is right next to his and clearly, I don't have the decency to shut the door.) Oh then I of course casually stroll into his study, asking for his laptop etc. It's pure joy being married to me, this I know.

But the angel that the hubs is, he hasn't even tutted me, let alone yell. Lesser humans (meaning yours truly) would've made a federal case about it by now. I know I have it good... he's patient and kind, and I don't really know how he puts up with me.

Now, I do need to go hang a clothesline in the backyard to take pictures of my quilts... I wonder how much noise I'll manage doing that...


Steven B said...

Darling - one tiny correction. You mentioned that I could have made a "federal case" out of the situation. This is likely incorrect. In order for me to make a "federal case" out, I'd have to first clear a jurisdictional hurdle, meaning I'd have to show that I suffered actual injury (i.e. standing), and that my cause of action either arose under a federal law, OR that we have complete diversity of citizenship based on our domiciles, as well as an amount in controversy exceeding $75,000.

Just thought I'd clear that up, in case you have any other fellow law-nerds reading your blog :)

Anonymous said...

chao si ren ah ni... >=D

and steve, seriously? NO. Just... NO.


p.s/ did u know your word verification asked me to type in the word "Coons"??? How racist!!

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAH, he's lucky you didn't blast 'Pour Some Sugar On Me' by Def Leppard at the same time. HEE!!!



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