May 20, 2015

Rail Fence Baby Quilt

On my list of quilts-I've-never-made-but-probably-should sat the rail fence quilt. How'd I go almost six years without making one of these?

This was so fun to make, and quick too. I just threw all the strips into a box and pulled them out two by two to sew together. Much fun was had :)

There are lots of yummies in there... DS, Joel Dewberry, Lotta Jansdotter, Carrie Bloomston, Lizzy House, C+S, Tula Pink etc. LOVE.

I used two different fabrics for the back... my favourite Juliana Horner print and my favourite solid (for now!), Kona Wasabi. I quilted it with a white cotton thread in a crosshatch to keep it nice and simple. The binding is a Robert Kaufman grey and white dot with a small sliver of the Juliana Horner print :) So pretty *pet pet*.

The quilt is currently available in my Etsy shop :)


Laura said...


Allison said...

It is a lovely quilt. And doing random patchwork piecing is so liberating!

Mousetower said...

What a great way to use up scraps!

Mia at

Linda @ kokaquilts said...

Such a sweet finish!

Unknown said...

This is gorgeous as usual, Audrie. You make it sound easy but you have the gift for throwing the right scraps into the bag so that what comes out is delightful rather than a big old mess. One day, when I'm a grown up quilter with six years under my belt, I want to chuck my scraps together to make something as coherent as you've made here and many times before.

I'm glad you're still writing your blog. The story and many photos of your quilts are much better than Instagram where the gems are so easy to miss amid the relentless tide of mundane, mediocre and meaningless to anyone but the person posting.

Carla said...

The colours in this are so great Audrey. Very rich and vibrant.


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