February 2, 2015

Photo Strip Love

This photo strip sent me on an emotional roller coaster ride! My sisters and I piled into a photo booth in Northampton, MA a few years ago, and I can't tell you how much I love this photo strip. I even made my sisters little wall hangings with the photos printed on fabric :)

When we started hanging pictures, I'd gotten it in my head that I need to put the photo strip into a wall frame so I can enjoy the silliness on a daily basis. Then a sudden dread filled me... I didn't know where it was! My guess was that I'd put it somewhere safe when we moved, and it was safe even from me. Sigh. Such an idiot. So I tore through the entire house searching for the stupid thing to no avail :(

I woke up the next morning and moaned about it to the hubs... about how I couldn't even remember where I'd had it before we moved, let alone where I might've put it during the move. He then reminded me that I'd stuck the photo strip in a ribbon noticeboard in our old bedroom.

HOW DID HE REMEMBER THAT AND I DIDN'T?! This is a man who introduces himself to people several times over! The man who can't remember what he ate for lunch by dinnertime! The man who forgets to buy milk on the way home from work when I'd just told him before he started driving home. (Seriously, why do I put up with this?!)

I was filled with glee, then back to dread when I realised I still had no clue where it was lol! The hubs kept reminding me that I had to get my bum to work because I was in the midst of a rush custom job, but I was just so obsessed with finding the bloody thing.

Aaaaaand I finally found it. In a big plastic bin in the built-in cupboard where the cable box lives. A cupboard I look into every day when I turn on the TV and cable box. What in the world was it doing in there?!?! How'd I not see it?? Good lord. You'd think I'd take better care of something that's so precious to me!

Anyway, all's well that ends well :) It now sits pretty in its frame on my side of the bed, and I can see their silly faces every day :)


Averil said...

I think you made a big typo in that last paragraph, my dear favourite older sister. I'm sure you meant to type beautiful instead of "silly"... >=)

WhitneyBryce said...

GREAT story! AWESOME memento!!

WhitneyBryce said...

GREAT story! (I'm glad I'm not the only one to "hide" treasures from myself and find them in the most obvious spot!!). AWESOME memento; glad you found it!!


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