September 18, 2014

Wedding Quilt

The wedding quilt! It is finished! The wedding was this past weekend, so just in the nick of time! PHEW.

I got it back from Laura the weekend before, and put the binding on the same evening just so my friends could pick it up from me whenever they had a free moment. I think it turned out really pretty, and I was so excited for them to see it finally! Fairly sure they had a moment of 'uhhh should we keep this?!' hahaha!

For the backing, we went with Carolyn Friedlander's crosshatch in grey. The initial idea was to go green because that's the groom's favourite colour. But in my mind, I'd always envisioned a grey because then it wouldn't distract from the front. I suggested it, my friends liked it... yay!

I was left to pick the quilting pattern on my own -- it's amazing how much trust my friends have in me because I practically picked everything except the pattern! I went with this swirly one (can't remember the name...) and I'm glad I did because it's not too girly and does a lovely job of softening all the sharp edges of the HSTs. Oh, so many HSTs. 400 to be exact!

I did a scrappy binding out of all the greens I'd used. I saved a strip from each and there were more than enough to make the binding, thankfully. I just love a scrappy binding, don't you??

Anyway we heard from the newlyweds several days after (we were all anxiously waiting for feedback lol!) and they LOVED it! YAY!!! I wish them lots of happiness, and many, many years of wedded bliss :)


mascanlon said...

I love how graphic this quilt is and the colors work so well, what a lovely, lovely gift. All the happiest of years to the bride and groom!

stephanie said...

After I club my boyfriend over the head and drag him to Vegas, I will have you make one for me! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful colors! Nice work! -Brittany

~Niki~ said...

great colors together!

Carla said...

It's beautiful! I'm sure they were thrilled


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