January 20, 2014

More Sewing

I know I've been quiet... I've been busy at the machine, watching lots of things on Netflix while I sew, and totally forgetting to post on my blog. Mostly because the light is usually so crap that I never take many photos. However, this is a photo of a stack of triangles that I've already sewn into a queen quilt top. Yup.

I finished the Single Girl quilt top (all 25 blocks in a week and a half!!!) and pieced backing, and handed it to Laura to work her magic. Patrina chose the baptist fan pattern, and I know it's going to look awesome because that's what I did on mine :) And as much as I love mine, I'm toying with the idea of making another one. A bigger one that's kind of scrappy. The crazy, it lives within me.

Oh, and Patrina is a total doll (THANK YOU, PATRINA!!!)! She sent me a surprise parcel full of beautiful Enstrom chocolates and toys for the kitties. And hedgehog dryer buddies that are insanely cute and help with the static! I tried them out and they work! One little hedgie has a mark on his face now because the other one must've bumped into him in the dryer. He looks like he was in a gang fight and has the scar to show for it now. Badass hedgie.

It's going to be ridiculously cold the rest of the week, so more sewing will be had :)


Nini said...

No fair teasing us with a pile of cut fabric, telling us it's done, and not showing us. Whah! But...I have to admit that I'm interested in the Hedgehog Dryer Buddies...do they really work??

Jo @ life in lists said...

Wow at finishing a kingsize Single girl in a week and a half! I have been building up to starting a kingsize one for, oooh, about a year and a half. Took me about three months just to complete a baby sized (although most of that was flapping about how to quilt it). Can't wait to see what those solids become!

Unknown said...

Oh no, a hedgie gang fight! ��

I can't wait to see what this triangle quilt top looks like, the fabric is gorgeous (as usual)!

I'm still in shock and awe when I think of you making the single girl at warp speed! No idea how you do it. I'm so thankful you love what you do, and are willing to share your quilts with the rest of us! I'm a little surprised that you were willing to part with some Chicopee tho ☺️.

Hope you enjoyed the chocolate. xoxo


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