August 30, 2013

Good Things, Small Packages

I finished the mini quilt for my friend! I'm hoping to gift to her sometime this weekend and hoping like hell she doesn't check my blog :) Pam, if you do... SURPRIIIIISE!!!

This cuteness was made from the Jo Morton fabrics I blogged about earlier, and I ended up deciding on Rita's economy blocks. Just way tinier. I believe Rita's finish at 5" and the ones I made finish at 2.75". Pretty sure my eyes hate me at this point. But honestly, they're not that difficult to make. The small pieces are a bit fiddly, but when you finish a block, you punch the air and do a little dance. No? Just me? Ah well.

I did a super simple crosshatch quilting and then used a brown sketch fabric for the binding. It's the only brown I had (and I don't even know why I have it...), and thankfully it was a good shade of brown for the quilt! The entire quilt finished at 13.75" by 16.5". Cute, huh? :)

Mini quilts are too much fun to make, and I wonder why I don't make more. You get to shrink a block down and test your skills, and you can have a finished quilt within a day or two. Well, sometimes. I still have a few mini quilt tops sitting in the closet, waiting for me to attend to them. They keep the baby / lap quilt tops company, I suppose hehe


Sandra said...

Oh my gosh that is so nice. You said in your previous post that everything was cute in miniature; and you were right(again!). Even though I'd said in the previous post that those "weren't my fabric choices", I would for sure purchase something like this. Well done. See what happens when you move house; you get motivated to try new fabrics. (don't think I want to try that though.....)

Richard Healey said...

I love this mini quilt. Your pictures are fantastic. How do you take such amazing shots.

Richard and Tanya Quilts
Richard and Tanya Patterns

CitricSugar said...

You're right - everything is cuter in mini-form.

No wonder your boss nearly fell over when you told her you were using these fabrics - I've been reading you for years and never would have picked those out for you in another million, but the result is too cute!

I'm sure she'll love it.


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