February 15, 2013


- I couldn't stand it anymore and allowed myself to start making those x and + blocks. Damn peer pressure. Or lack of self-control... whatever. The tutorial there shows a 7.5" finished block but I used Ali's measurements to make a 10" finished. I don't know what size it's going to end up but I'm having loads of fun pulling out bits and pieces (many of the scraps were courtesy of Rita... Thanks again, darl!) to make the blocks. Each new block seems so different from the last, and I think that's what I love about it.  (Sorry about the crap picture... it's from Instagram.)

- The hubs and I found out that Before Midnight is going to be released in May and we're so bloody excited!!! It'll be the third in a series of movies that's special to us... Before Sunrise and Before Sunset were the first two movies we watched together as a couple. Plus they're amazing movies and kind of remind us of ourselves. We're kind of like the two characters... just walking around and talking about everything and nothing constantly. When the hubs found out about it, he was sitting in the car while I was as a fabric shop. He ran in to tell me and we were quietly squealing to ourselves. We had to hold in our excitement till we got to the car and then there was a lot of "OH MY GOD!" and "HOW ARE WE SUPPOSED TO WAIT TILL MAY?!" happening. We really found each other, no?

- I thought this was really funny.

- And this is just madness. How does one not know they're pregnant?! And the baby was 10 lbs! It's honestly one of my worst nightmares (I have many... I'm damaged). I loathe surprises and like everything planned... this would cause me so much strife. Plus I'd need to at least make a (couple dozen) quilts. A quilter's baby that doesn't have a quilt is just embarrassing.

- I've been looking at property websites and I found a house that had three bedrooms, one full bathroom and FIVE half-bathrooms. They really shouldn't let crackheads design houses. 

- I believe it's going to snow again over the weekend. I officially give up.

- And my list for this week... Things I Do Every Day. I didn't include the normal daily ablutions because the list would just be inane and looooong.


Red Pepper Quilts - Rita Hodge said...

You're welcome! x I so want to join the #xplusalong! Your quilt looks wonderful, making excellent progress.

Oh, I am seriously bad at word verification, had to have several goes at it before I got it right!

Carla said...

X and + are THE best blocks. Love yours ; )
Happy stitching today

Almaelou said...

I could have been one of those women that didn't know she was pregnant, had I not known I was pregnant.

Love your conversations with your hubby, reminds me of us! Can't wait to hear how the weekend goes!

mascanlon said...

I love this randomness post Audrie, makes me feel like we are having a real conversation. My hubs and I are like this too, chat away about everything or nothing and we love spending time together. when a few of my friends bemoan silent partners I just can't imagine, I would be so lonely. And as for these blocks...nope, I am not looking! (Sorry about your snow, we are in Napa this weekend and its gorgeous, I posted a few photos on IG, food, wine and vistas...lol)


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