February 1, 2013

New York, New York: Part 3

I just realised I hadn't posted the rest of the pictures from NYC I wanted to share. I made the hub's head explode by taking him to two places he'd always wanted to go to... Katz's Deli and Russ & Daughters

Ahhh Katz's Deli. So charming and so good. A tad pricey, but it is good food. 

The hubs in heaven at Russ & Daughters. He ended up getting a bagel with lox and cream cheese because he just had to.

And I just had to get chocolate babka. I want to marry this chocolate babka. Russ & Daughters is just a little bit down the street from Katz's, so go to both if you have room. Or if you're like me, eat a corner and then shove it in your bag and forget about it until the next day. Then it's like happybirthdaymerrychristmas to you.

The last picture is of Joey Ramone's apartment. Ahhhh the Ramones :)

And that's it for New York. For now. Because you know we'll be back soon enough!


Danielle said...

Two places I really wanted to go to but course didn't have time! Next time! In the meantime feel free to taunt me with endless pictures of scrumptious food.

Anna said...

Love the pictures! Food and architecture the perfect combination!

mascanlon said...

Love food pictures almost as much as fabric!


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