January 9, 2013

Happy Birthday, Dad!!!

It's my Daddy's birthday today! He's doing really well and he's his optimistic self, as always :) The poor thing's eating 'rabbit food' (no meat, no carbs, no fun) while undergoing treatment, and thankfully, he's one of those people who'll do whatever needs to be done without question. Me? I'd be walking into on-coming traffic before the first day was done.

Since I posted a video on my Mum's birthday, I thought I'd do the same for Dad. Smoke on the Water by Deep Purple always reminds me of him. I've heard the opening riff thousands upon thousands of times in my lifetime. We had a little studio in the house and his band would always play this song. And I mean always. But because it reminds me of my Dad, I don't hate it at all. I still get a kick out of it every time I hear it. My parents went to see Deep Purple in the 90s. When they got home, Mum announced that she was the oldest person there. I highly doubt that... hehe!

The last time I was home in Singapore, I was singing the first few lines of the song...

Dad: *grinning like a monkey* "You know this song?!?! How!!!"
Me: "Umm, because you played it all through my childhood. It would be weird if I didn't!"


mascanlon said...

Gla s your Dad is doing well Audrie. And this video should bring a big grin to his face for sure.


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