November 12, 2012

DS Sample Sale 2012

I always love going to the DS Sample Sale, but this year's sale was SO much more fun because I got to meet Rita (of Red Pepper Quilts), Jen (of Gehring Road) and Jamie (of Terrabyte Farm)!!! 

I knew Rita would be in NYC during the sale, so I invited her to take a little trip to CT so she could join Shannon and me at the sale. Jen heard that we were going so she asked to join us, and invited Jamie along too. SO FUN! 

By the way, see that spider web quilt (second from the left)? It's gone home with Rita! It's my absolute favourite quilt that I always see at the sale, and I'm so thrilled that it now belongs to a friend!

Jamie and Rita inspecting the quilts.

Jen really inspecting the quilts hehe

This just made me laugh... I don't know why.

Rita contemplating purchasing the quilt... we were all telling her to DO IT. Such enablers :)

Buying fabric is serious business ya'll.

Shannon bought the shelf that Denyse used to keep her scraps in. LOVE this piece. Again, so thrilled it now belongs to a friend!!

There was a hand quilting demo, and I quite love the quilt they're quilting. Giant improv blocks... love!

We went to lunch after and chatted for quite a while. So nice to be surrounded by others who love quilting and fabric as much as you do.

I exercised some restraint this year and didn't buy so much. I know... impossible, but I managed! I forgot to take pictures while we had light (the sun goes byebye so early these days!) so I'll do that tomorrow when I remember!


Carla said...

Lucky you! Looks like fun was had by all.beautiful quilts ; )

Debbie said...

Boy that sounded like alot of fun!

Kaylovesvintage said...

beautiful quilts


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