October 17, 2012

Sewing Summit 2012 Recap

You guys. I'm exhausted. It's been three days since I got home and I still want to crawl under a rock and sleep. I had so much fun it bordered on obscene, and I'm so glad to have finally met friends I talk to regularly and many, many new people. I mean, MANY. Honestly, it was a complete blur to me... might've had something to do with the paper thin air that made me feel drunk / sleepy constantly. Plus I think I got less than six hours of sleep a night, so that didn't help at all. 

So here's my spotty recap of the amazing weekend that was Sewing Summit 2012.

- On our way!!! (So glad Shannon was there to fly with me because I'd still be pressing buttons, trying to check in...)

- Utah is gorgeous. I mean, breathtaking. Flat, flat, flat, MOUNTAINS.

- We went on the Shop Hop bus and our first stop was Yellow Bird Fabrics. It was mostly apparel fabric so I went downstairs to do a tutorial on making a flower brooch. It was not pretty. And is still in pieces.

- Pine Needles was such a gorgeous shop... I want to live there! We also went to Material Girls but by then, I was so pooped and hungry that I snuck away with Katy and Laura Jane to grab a quick lunch.

- Getting comfy in my bed. I thought I'd like sleeping in a queen bed all to myself, but it turns out I missed the hub's furry legs. It's weird, I know.

- Because the shop hop wasn't enough fabric shopping, we were kidnapped by two Amys (Amy Ellis and Amy Smart!) to Piper's Quilts for some more eye candy. They also brought us to an antique shop and that made me yearn for sooooo many things I couldn't take home with me!

- Opening mixer on Thursday night... thankfully everyone had their nametags by then so it was a little easier to figure out who was who. They really ought to put blog name first then actual name... just sayin' :)

- Brekkie on Friday... best eggs ever. I'm sure there was a giant dollop of butter in there. Ignorance is bliss :)

- Amber's class! She was so nervous and she really had no reason to be :)

- Jeni B.'s class was really fun and colourful. It made me want to go home and play with my fabrics. Which I did :)

- I helped out in Katy's class and honestly, the little bit of sewing I did to show how to baste hexagons / triangles / squares was all the sewing I did all weekend. I'm a lousy quilter.

- Second day of classes... I think this one was Website Design.

- Laura Jane and I did this in class because we're wonderful students.

- Katy giving an unofficial EPP class in the lounge.

- The mixer on Friday night was hilarious fun, mostly thanks to Amy. My Asian sister from another mother hahaha!

- More classes on Saturday!


- My second time eating goldfish crackers. I felt like a child but I don't care. Thems good eatin'.

- Christina gifted a few of us mini quilts... this one made from Jo Morton, she's keeping for herself. I have to take pictures of the one she gave me... thanks my dear!!! :)

I was really sad to leave Salt Lake City, but then I came home to these furry cuties :)

- Oh and I also came home to the hubs. Whom I missed completely but shhhh, don't tell him :)

- I also missed my coffee and coffeemaker. Sooooo much.

- Unpacking is a giant pain.

- But today, I got my swag that I sent home to myself! Next year, I need to pack a little lighter!!!

I did bring my camera with me but I only carted it around the first day so I only have a few pictures. I decided that the lighting was horrendous and I'd rather just give my spine a break and have fun with my friends.

Amber's beautiful work on display in her class. I wanted to shove everything in my bag. Seriously.

And I got a few of Katy teaching :)

I had loads of fun, and I'm thankful to have met so many wonderful people this past weekend. I miss everyone, and I really wish we all lived closer together! Big thanks to the hard-working ladies who made Sewing Summit possible, and I hope you girls sleep for days after. Well-deserved for sure! :)


Bennett and Graves said...

May I steal your pics of Katy to share? I love her blog too.

One Shabby Chick said...

Oh thank you for taking pics since I have none!! I wish we could all live in a little commune somewhere - but not Utah cause I still feel dizzy!!

Kaye Prince said...

I'm so glad that we finally got to meet Audrie! It was super-fun hanging out with you and I miss you terribly already - maybe you should come and visit Toronto!!!

amy smart said...

Thanks for letting us kidnap you. I hope we can do it again sometime. I love your pics! That picture of Katy is the bomb.

Mermaid Sews said...

great recap, and great to meet you. I hear ya, exhausted!!!

CitricSugar said...

So jealous but totally happy that you had a good time! I keep seeing everyone's photos so I almost feel like I was there…. ? Ah, well. I bought a lottery ticket so maybe next year. :-)

Unknown said...

Love those pictures of Katy's class. You are god with a camera.

Also, when I look at that one of you and me... All I can think is "bitches be loco".


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