September 4, 2012

Mini Greenfield Hill Quilt

Last February, Denyse invited me to an improv workshop and in the goodie bag was a charm pack of Greenfield Hill. I have a fat quarter bundle of it stashed away and figured one day I'd probably just add this charm pack to the mix since 21 5" squares wasn't enough to do much of anything.

So this past long weekend,  I was tidying up the sewing room tables (I know, the sky must be about to fall...) and came across the charm pack. I figured I'd challenge myself to do something with these pretties instead of letting them just get wasted.

This is what I came up with! A mini quilt measuring 12" by 15" made of 1.5" HSTs! I couldn't use Thangles because those work better with strips of fabric and I'd have wasted a lot of fabric. So I made HSTs the good, old-fashioned way, and ended up with 84. I used 80 of them for this mini... the other four are just hanging out on the design wall making sad eyes at me. Sorry, guys.

I used Heath for the binding... Heath's always a go-to for binding because it's not quite solid but it doesn't fuss with the fabrics in the quilt either. Love it.

I have to admit that when this collection was released, it didn't really make my skirt fly up. But the more I look at it, the most I like it, and that the fabrics all make sense altogether. Denyse has a lovely way of doing that, and I believe that's why I love her fabrics so much. Plus she's awesome. So that helps :)


Kim said...

Love how this looks & wow 1 -1/2" hsts?? The binding looks great. I've had that happen too, fabric that was kind of okay became stunning when cut & pieced.

erica said...

I adore this Audrie! You are so right about Heath being a great binding...nice finish sista!

Svetlana said...

what a great mini. Oh, I have the same feelings towards this collection, go figure.

Anonymous said...

It's lovely.

Carla said...

This is gorgeous! Love the saturated colors.


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