May 4, 2012


It's been a while since I've inundated you with pictures I inundate people with on Instagram... 

A couple of quilty projects I've worked on lately. The Little Apples Circle quilt and the baby quilt I'm making for friends. The latter is basted and halfway quilted. I'll get my shit together and finish it soon. Pinkie swear.

A few things I've chowed down on lately. My first ever iceberg wedge salad. SO GOOD! I almost didn't mind the bacon bits floating about.

Steamed cheeseburgers with oozing cheese... good grief. The hubs and I didn't utter a word while we breathed in our burgers. Words would've ruined the moment.

Pinkberry opened close by so Shannon and I went to do some shopping and partake of some yogurty goodness. We'd tried once before when we had lunch together with our husbands but the men refused to wait in line. Wussies. Also, I must say that every time I have Pinkberry, I think of the Seinfeld episode where they keep eating that delicious non-fat yogurt and put on weight. This stuff can't be great for you because it tastes too bloody good.

And finally, eggplant fries. The only way I voluntarily eat eggplant.

As Aneela has so aptly called it... This is CAT SPAM. But look at them! Can you blame me??? :) My babies! Also, they are still in love with that stupid box and Matilda has adopted the basin I use for hand washing clothes. Never buy your cats beds because you might as well just set fire to the money.

And just to cement my fate as crazy cat lady, here's Izzy being extremely cute and clueless. The very last picture is what happens when you call her name. She's so cross-eyed, she has no idea where you are. I think it's the cutest thing ever.


mascanlon said...

Food, fabric and is good...although my pet of choice is a big ol'stubborn bulldog!


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