February 8, 2012

More Patchwork!

I lied when I said you have baby quilts to look forward to. What I meant to say was there's one patchwork lap quilt, then there'll be baby quilts. There, now we're on the level.

I spent most of yesterday evening digging up fabric, ironing said dug up fabric, and cutting patchwork squares. And now I keep petting this lovely pile of squares. Hard to sew them together when I can't stop myself from the petting.

The hubs had the last two days off from work, and while I love having him home, he throws my schedule off completely. Today feels like a Monday. You can imagine the pile of laundry staring back at me, and unfortunately, it won't walk itself to the washer. And no, it doesn't respond to yelling or bribes.


mascanlon said...

I love just having a big pile of patches to play with!


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