February 13, 2012

In The Studio

I've been a wee bit quiet on the blog front. Which means there's plenty of fabric and thread flying around the studio. I have a good handful of orders to work on, and slowly, but surely, they're getting shipped! 

I pulled a bunch of solids I thought might look good in a boy churn dash quilt but now I'm second guessing myself. Will the poor child's retinas get seared right off? Some of them might have to come out but I think they look so bright and cheery! The greys and off-white seems to tone it down a little, no? What do you think? I'm going to have to ask the client because I just don't know!

I'm also working on a Swoon baby quilt. I was inspired by the Mega Swoon quilt so I'm making a baby version where the swoon block itself is 32" square. It's all pink, green and white... so sweet it'll give you a cavity haha!

And this block is perfect if you want to learn flying geese or half square triangles. One day soon, I'll make myself a Swoon quilt. I'm thinking out of Prince Charming perhaps? I tend to change my mind a zillion times, so don't marry that idea just yet :) But you already knew that.


CitricSugar said...

My nephew is totally sucked in by bright colours. Plus, the grey anchors it. It'll be like modern Amish.

Intrigued by your swoon idea.

Averil said...

Those colours are THE BOMB!!!

mascanlon said...

I'm thinking the Churn dash will be fabulous! And sweet is Ok once in a while...lol!

tarabu said...

My solution to fabrics that might be too loud is to quilt with grey thread - works every time!

At least, I think so!


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