December 5, 2011

Pretty Good Day

The hubs and I hadn't been able to spend a whole lot of time together lately so yesterday we took a drive up to Northampton to walk around and have a little lunch.

*Snigger* Because I'm a child.

That's my kind of Christmas tree! Except the Gremlins... They will forever scare the shit out of me. Them and Chucky. Blech.

It's Fozzie Bear! Love!

$3 for a book. Not too shabby. Plus I think that book's about me...

Uber cuteness.

That red 'tin' cup in the middle is actually made of ceramic. What the what!?! I want it! So cute.
We were exiting the parking garage and the hubs spotted this sign... hehehehe!

Drove home as the sun was starting to set, and the sky was so pretty so I snapped a few shots. And then I fell asleep. I'm terrible company on car rides.

We had dinner with his parents, watched Crazy, Stupid, Love (highly recommended, and also I desperately want to do very naughty things to Ryan Gosling), then came home and sewed. A pretty damn good Sunday if I do say so myself :)


Cindy said...

Looks like you had a great day! Sounds like a perfect Sunday to me too! Thanks for sharing- love the sunset pic!!

mascanlon said...

A perfect day, a little food, a little shopping, some laughter and spending time with your hubbie....oh and get to sew to finish it up!

Shannon said...

Awesome day! I fall asleep in the car all the time too...last time we went to NJ I made it almost all the way home and them fell asleep around Manchester! I'm really pretty when I fall asleep in the car too...mouth hanging open, snoring...Chris tells me it's amazing! I'm actually surprised that I stayed awake all the way home from Bridgeport that day! Must have been all the excitement!

Deb said...

Greetings from Canada Audrie! I can't wait to return to your LQS and that beautiful part of the U.S.
What's to be afraid of, a cute little mogwai...just don't let them near water. It's a classic! Kept my kids away from the microwave for years!!


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