December 9, 2011

From Singapore, With Love... And Preservatives

My sister and parents sent us a care package from Singapore and it's full of awesome! Thanks you guys!!! 

Best dried mangoes EVER. On the right is dried cuttlefish that'll have you gargling mouthwash for the rest of the evening, but the durian cake (the tube thing in the second picture) will have you eating toothpaste by the tube. Indefinitely.

Seriously, why do my people enjoy stinky food so much? So good though :)

Yummo! The hubs can have the pink Hello Kitty ones...

Uhh unfortunate name much?

I just KNOW this is my sister Averil's doing. Dude. THREE things of toilet deodoriser?! Seriously?!?!

Hateful. Just hateful.

Still love you though :)


mjb said...

Wow - I will not be fighting you for that durian. Enjoy!

Diane aka cameldiva said...

I am so excited for you. Receiving goodies from home is amazing. I am most turned on by the Bee Cheng Hiang packages since legit bak kwa / long yoke is hard to come by. Chalk that down to years of smuggling meat products over international borders. Lily Ng does show you how to make it, though. so google her (Lily's Wai sek Hong).

Enjoy your package, but maybe not too much or else you'll have to break into the just one drop sooner than later... lol

Averil said...

*snort* with you and Steve, should be renamed Just One Bucket (^__^)

I only wish I could be there to see Steve's face when you open the packet of cuttlefish/durian. That stuff will make his eyeballs burn! >=)

In return, kindly Fedex YOURSELF to S'pore. Plz kthxbai!

Averil said...

p.s/ One for you to take to work, one for Steve to take to work, and one for the house =)

One Shabby Chick said...

I LOVEEE cuttlefish...luckily I live in a perfect place to get it :-) and I know I've seen those dries mangoes here too...let me know if you ever need a fix..happy to send you some :-)
And haven't ever had Durian but yep, that cuttlefish = stinky breath!

Jenny H said...

Do I see bakkwa? Lucky girl, I'm jealous!


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