November 15, 2011

DS Quilts On The Bed!

I put the two quilts I got from Denyse's sample sale to use the very same day because I was just so excited to see them on our bed. The hubs loves them but I suspect it's more because he's glad to see the hot pink quilt go byebye hehe

I washed the pre-loved Strings Attached quilt and was quite frightened by the amount of lint that was in the dryer. I'm not kidding, the lint ball was the size of my head! I was worried something had ripped and it was batting that had escaped, but thankfully it was just good ol' lint. Phew.

(I don't really like taking pictures on our bed because I'm very aware that we need a headboard but we just never ever get round to it. And every time I think I find one I like, I change my mind. Bah.)

I loooooove the Spool quilt. I'd gotten the pattern for it a while ago but never got round to making one. I'm still planning on making a queen or king sized one in the future, but this one is just so gorgeous that I had to get it.

A while ago I started putting one queen and one smaller quilt on the bed. I don't know why, but I like the look of it. And I think these two look so pretty together. Blue + orange is one of my favourite combos. And since winter's on its way, I think a cheery, colourful bed is definitely in order.

Here's the Strings Attached quilt all by itself. Love the crosshatch hand quilting on it. I still can't believe I got this for $50.

That little misfit bit is my favourite part :)

In keeping with the blue and orange theme of this post, here's a runner I made with a long, quilted strip I got at the sale. I trimmed and slapped some binding on to make a very simple table runner. Definitely does a good job of brightening the room!

The binding is from Denyse's new line, Daisy Mae, and I think it goes perfectly :)


mjb said...

That spool quilt is just beautiful.

Unknown said...

Loving your bargains!

mascanlon said...

Oh those quilts, don't know which I love more, lucky you!

Cindy said...

Love all of your purchases!! Love the colors!!

Lily said...

Hi Audrie, really? Seriously? The FM quilting on your runner is perfect. How do you do it???? ;)


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