September 3, 2011

Northampton In Pictures

We took a drive up to Northampton, MA today because it's been a fair while since we've been, and we finally got to spend a Saturday together without work or getting ready for hurricanes. Happy to report the hurricane didn't look to have affected the town much at all :)

These make me want headphones in every colour of the rainbow.

Somebody needs new shoes.

Hilarious book every parent can relate to, I'm sure.

The hubs is obsessed with seltzer. I don't like seltzer because I don't understand seltzer. It's fizzy, it has some sort of taste then the bubbles go and so does the taste. What is the point?!?! Drink water! And why do I keep taking sips when I already know I hate it?!

Awesome bottle cap though. (I just realised it's still in the pocket of my dress which I've thrown into the laundry hamper.)

Hur hur hur. (Sorry, Mum. Ask Averil to explain it to you... Sorry, Averil...)

Oh gnome you didn't! HEEHEE! (My sister Aurelia is obsessed with all things gnomes so anytime I see things with gnomes I think of her.)

Awesome sculpture by a fellow named James Kitchen.


Must. Resist.

I want to eat nummy little treats, please? But I was good... just got a coffee :)


Erin @ Why Not Sew? Quilts said...

that book title cracked me up. seltzer..i don't like ti plain but i like to add a splash of juice and drink it instead of soda for less sugar/calories.
the you-know-what in the box. one of my favorite SNL skits.

CitricSugar said...

Looks lovely - and like a town that knows how I roll; baked goodies, unusual but low-key beverage choices, and inappropriate humour. Yep, I'm thinking I could live there... :-)


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