August 10, 2011

Alive And Kicking

Hi. I'm still here, alive and kicking (Mister Big... Anyone? Anyone?

I've been working away in the studio, trying not to melt to death and wishing for autumn to arrive before I lose the plot because OMGwhat'stakingsobloodylongIthinkI'mgoingtocryIhatesummersomuch. 

Oops. Too late.

So to stay sane, I just keep sewing. So much sewing :) Finished a quilt top but I have to set it aside to finish a couple of customs.

The custom order was from an old customer who'd bought the Wonky Zoo quilt way back in 2009 and wanted two more to gift to a relative and a friend. She wanted them exactly the same but the backing and binding fabrics were no longer available (thankfully I bought a few yards of the zoo fabric) so it took a fair while to find fabrics that she liked. The backing finally arrived today but I still have to sort out a binding. I was thinking of doing the green solid. I've done that before on this quilt and I thought it looked really nice.

I haven't made one of these quilts in ages and it took me a while to remember how to. I should write things down but I tend not to. Because I'm forgetful, a procrastinator and a lazy bum :) 

Anyway, one top down, another one to go. 


CitricSugar said...

Yes, but at least you're a cute, witty, clever, talented procrastinator/lazy bum... :-)

Can't wait to see 'em finished!

Angela Nash said...

At least it's a fun, cute quilt to duplicate!

I crack up every time you talk about hating the heat, knowing that you lived in Australia. You must have just hated it there. I picture it as hot hot hot most of the year.

tarabu said...

I have a lovely little journal for recording names, dimensions, fabric requirements, etc for each project. It's a shame I can't find the damned thing.


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