July 7, 2011

The Wife Is Always Right

We were driving along the other day...

Hubs: "You have pretty big eyes. For an Asian."
Me: "Why do you have to quantify it?!"

And then I realised I said 'quantify' instead of 'qualify' so I sat and grinned at him hoping he wouldn't catch my booboo.

Hubs: "Umm, you mean qualify? Cos, you know, otherwise it'd be like me telling you that you have 19 eyes."
Me: "Did you not see me grinning? I know I said the wrong word!"
Hubs: "I'm too smart not to catch that!"
Me: *Muttering to myself* "Yeah... smart ASS."


stephanie said...

Seriously, it's like being in the backseat watching this unfold....too funny!!

Chris said...

You two are a hoot! Keep the comedy routine coming.


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