July 13, 2011

Kitty Kindle Cover

Say that quick ten times!

I made a little Kindle cover for a friend who's gifting it to another friend of ours. She loves all things duckies (she's the one the duckie quilt was for) and kitties. So when my friend asked me to make the Kindle cover and showed me an example, I realised I had the fabric.
Kiiiiiiiiiitties!!! (Kind of upset that Ragdolls aren't one of the cats on there, but whatever.

The cover's just quilted in thin straight lines, which I thought was perfect for 'hiding' the side seam. 

For the lining, I used some dots on a pink background so it wasn't too matchy-match. I didn't want to use a button or velcro to keep the cover shut, so I put a little snap button on there instead. Easy (and less noisy) to open and shut. 

Also, I may or may not have sewn one side of it wrongly and had to cut it out and sew it back correctly. Heh.

My friend wants one for herself too, but she's had about three different ideas so I told her to think about it and let me know when she knows hehe 


ladybugquilting said...


Andrea said...

Hi Audrie,
I was blog surfing and popped by here.
Love your crafts and this one is absolutely adorable! I'm from Singapore too and just wanted to say 'Hi!' :)

Linda said...

Love that kitty fabric! Do you know who it's from?


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