July 4, 2011

Celebrating The 4th Our Way

Happy 4th of July to all who celebrate! Looks like a beautiful day outside so I hope everyone's chilling by the pool or at the beach. Me? I'm staying indoors where nature can't get to me.

So anyway, without even trying to be ironic, we decided to go full-on Singaporean this 4th of July weekend.

For dinner last night, we had laksa. It's pretty spicy by American standards... the fumes alone would singe eyebrows.

I couldn't stop laughing because the hubs kept having to mop the sweat off his face while exclaiming, "Woooooo this is so hot!". LOL! But it was one of his favourite dishes when he visited Singapore, and he even finished off my bowl. Although my bowl was spicier than his because I dumped most of that chilli paste in there. HEEHEE! What can I say... I like it HOT!

And last week, my dad Fedex'd a box of bak kwa over from Singapore.

It's a barbecued sweet meat, kind of like jerky but waaaay yummier. In my humble opinion, anyway :)

(Please don't send me angry letters. I'm only little and I bruise easily.)

It's insanely good, but there's only eight slices in there so we have to pace ourselves. Dad said he'd send more if I wanted, but I think my waistline doth protest.

There's leftover laksa which we're having for dinner again tonight. I'd better go get a couple gallons of milk and a towel ready for the hubs... hehehe!


Anonymous said...

Happy 4th Audrie!

Aurelia said...

you made the prima deli laksa pack???

Sandra said...

The laksa looks yummy. You should make a recipe book, really!!


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