June 2, 2011

True Colours

These were taken over lunch at a pizza place last Saturday...

Me: "Hmm you don't look like yourself in this picture..."
Hubs: "What the hell do you mean by that?!"
Me: "I don't know... you just don't."
Hubs: "HMPH."
Me: "One more please!"

Me: "Now THAT'S you."
Haha :)


Angela Nash said...

Funny! I agree he doesn't look like himself in the first one for some reason, though. I quickly thought - I wonder if that's a brother....

Carolyn said...

Hilarious! My husband always makes that face in picture too!

Averil said...

i like the vintage yellow filter these pics seem to have =)

LOVE. THE. TEE. it's superballz!


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