June 20, 2011

More Pictures From My Weekend

My hexagon flowers are coming along very nicely. I've made almost 1400 individual hexies, and have about 180+ of the little flowers sewn together so far. Sewing in front of the telly at night is super productive!

The hubs, sleeping while I sew :)

Isobel :)

I always end up taking pictures of Isobel only because she's always close to me. Matilda is always either wandering around the house or won't stay still when I try to take her picture.

Took more pictures of the hydrangeas since they've bloomed just a little more.

The other day they looked all sad and droopy because it was so boiling hot. I was just glad to see them resurrected.
And while I was out there, I saw a little bunny rabbit! He hopped away from me, stopped to peep at me out of the corner of his eyes, and stayed still as I inched closer and closer to take his picture. So cute!


Angela Nash said...

You know that bunny was getting ready to BEHEAD all your pretty flowers. (I HATE the bunnies - they have munched too much of my stuff)


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