June 13, 2011

In Which I Answer Your Questions: Part One

Thanks for all the great questions :) Here are the answers!

Q: What do you feel is your greatest accomplishment? - Linda
A: The relationship I have with my sisters. I moved to Australia when I was 17 and they were 11. I now live in the States, one sister lives in Singapore, the other in Australia. And despite the distance and the time differences, we're as close as three sisters could ever hope to be. We've all put in the effort to keep up with each others' lives and those two crazy girls will forever be my bestest friends.
Q: Do you travel back to Singapore and Australia? - Sandra
A: Not as much as I'd like to, unfortunately :( I've only been back to Singapore twice since I moved here, and not at all to Australia. Not on purpose... Just worked that way. We're definitely hoping to fix that sometime soon though!
Q: The striped fabric with hexagons pinned to it, is in some sort of frame, keeping it taut... what is that? - stephanie
A: It's actually a quilting frame called a Q-Snap Frame. I like it and I'd recommend it, though it's always a personal preference.
Q: I really just want to know how you and the hubby met - MamaLiza
A: I answered this in the previous Q&A, so here's I'll just copy and paste :)
It still baffles me, actually. I'd moved back to Australia from Singapore, and before settling down to look for a new job, I thought I'd go travel. Why I picked CT to visit, is honestly beyond me. I had a friend here but that was the extent of the thought process. Things happen for a reason, so I'm glad I had the inclination to come here.
The day after I arrived we were invited to a post-Halloween party (everyone had been too busy to get together on Halloween so it was postponed two weeks). I was going to go because I was jet-lagged. The hubs was with his ex-gf at the time and they'd had a fight and he almost didn't go either.
We started talking about books, my Bunnysutra Swatch watch but his ex-gf quickly dragged him away. They split up months after, he emailed me and we got to chatting. He asked if it'd be okay if he came to visit me in Australia. Six months later I visited him here, and he proposed atop the Empire State Building :)
Q: If a dragon and godzilla were to do battle, which do you think would win? And would I be able to keep them as pets? - Aurelia, otherwise known as my little sister
A: You shouldn't be allowed to have Internet access.
But duh, a dragon would totally win. It'd breathe fire so hard on Godzilla, he'd be lizard jerky before he even knew what hit him. And yes, you could keep them as pets but where would you dump their poo? You live in a condo, and I'm guessing they take massive poos.
Q: You were raised in Singapore? So how did Australia come into play? Did you have Ragdolls before or did you just fall in love and find out after how wonderful they are? How many questions do we get? - Stormy Days
A: Yup, born and raised in Singapore, then moved to Australia when I was 17 to study and forgot to leave. I LOVE it there, and if it weren't for the hubs, I'd probably have grown old there.
I'd actually known about Ragdolls for a while but never had any till these two. The lady who used to babysit my cat Sacha bred Ragdolls, and I was always taken with how beautiful and sweet they were. So I promised myself that one day I'd have Ragdolls!
You get 2.73 questions. Really pushing it there! :)
Q: So where did you get the fabulous sense of humor?? Wit and charm?? - Lisa
A: Costco?
I just come from a long line of crazies who love to talk rubbish and laugh a lot. We sound like a bunch of hyenas whenever we get together, and I wouldn't have it any other way.
Q: What do you wear if you don't wear jeans? - Anonymous
A: I wear dresses all year round. Sometimes if I'm feeling a little spicy, I'll wear a top and a skirt. But I'd say 99% of the time, I'm in a dress. In the winter I just add leggings and a cardi to the ensemble because I am really too uncomfortable in jeans to endure them all winter.
There are more questions that I'll answer in Part Two because there were too many to fit into one post. (I'm looking at you, Anne! Hehe...) In the meantime, if there are yet any more questions, please go ahead and ask :)


Linda said...

Audrie, I really do enjoy reading your posts!

Dana Gaffney said...

At the post Halloween party, which was the prequel to the big romance, were you in costume? What was it and if not what should it have been, you, the hubs and throw in the ex gf.

MamaLiza said...

What is it about summer that you don't like? I hate it too...the weather, heat waves, sticky icky, bugs....


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