May 21, 2011

So... No Rapture Then?

Hubs: "Look honey. Four minutes to go."
Me: "Oh cool."

Me: "So... It happens all at once? Or what?"
Hubs: "Yeah I think rapture is immediate."

Me: "Pffft. What utter bullshit."


Carolyn said...

No, no...there was a rapture, we were just left because we suck :) Ha, ha!

Krista said...

We've had billboard trucks driving around town for the last 2 months advertising the end of days today. So maddening! Our newspaper had an article on them saying it cost $80,000 to rent them. Why do people spend money on this crazy stuff when they could be feeding hungry kids or something USEFUL.

Aurelia said...

My rapture was supposed to happen 13 hours ahead of you here in Perth but NOOOOPE! I was raptureless.....bummer. Hope some other idiot will predict. Corrct date cos this fannying about is quite annying. :-/


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