April 27, 2011

Ragdolls: Hindering Progress Since The Beginning Of Time

I was on the couch with my pile of Suzuko Koseki patchwork books trying to figure out my mum's bible cover.

I got up to make myself a cup of coffee, and when I returned...

Izzy, do you mind?

"What, Momma? Me? In your way? Huh?"


"If I don't make eye contact with Momma she won't see me."


"Doo dee doo... no eye contact, Momma..."

Isobel! You get off my books NOW.

"Oh but Momma!"

Damn cross-eyed cat. So cute you can't get mad at her.


Vicki said...

Those books look great... I'm going to look for them on Amazon. :) Lauren says "let me see the kitty."

Meg said...

Oh yeah, calicoes have that gene, too. Zoe and I have a discussion every morning when she curls up in the bathroom sink and does not want to budge when it's tooth-brushing time!

Beth J said...

Books and definately newspapers. Neither should ever be left anywhere near a couch or they will be sat on. What is it with these creatures anyway??? It's a darn good thing they are cute. :)

Katie said...

My one-eyed cat is the same way...and too cute to get mad at. :)


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